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5 Brands To Love For Their Hurricane Harvey, Irma Relief Efforts

5 Brands To Love For Their Hurricane Harvey, Irma Relief Efforts

When a natural disaster hits the United States and federal funds only go so far, it’s generally good business for major companies to step in and lend a helping million bucks or two. From providing easy opportunities to donate at the checkout counter to making rather sizable donations, corporations have a chance to doff their capitalist hats and truly give back to local communities in urgent need. Here are five companies seriously doing their part in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


Whether you love or love to hate the retail giant, Walmart has stepped up its fundraising game in the wake of Hurricane Harvey by pledging to donate $2 million to Mayor Sylvester Turner. What’s more, the Walmart Foundation will also match up to $10 million in customer donations two-to-one, and that goes for both cash and product donations. While customers decide what to buy or donate, the company has already shipped off an additional $10 million worth of emergency relief in the meantime.


With Hurricane Irma heading on a crash course with Florida this week, JetBlue announced on Wednesday it’d offer discounted nonstop flights out of Florida. For $99 including tax, passengers who might not have been able to afford evacuating the state via air before now have a chance.

However, those looking to make connecting flights out of Florida—AKA flying to lesser-known airports—can expect to pay $159. Those flying out of Charleston International airport, Savannah/Hilton Head International airport, and certain airports in Haiti, Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Bahamas can also take advantage of the discounted, $99 price until September 13. Going the extra mile, JetBlue has also offered cancellation fee waivers for other travelers affected by Hurricane Irma.

Home Depot

Not one to forget about the massive mess waiting at the end of initial relief efforts, Home Depot has pulled together Team Depot volunteers to help clean up the waterlogged cities throughout Texas right now. The company has also pledged $1 million in cash donations to a variety of local charities around Texas. The Home Depot Foundation’s executive director, Shannon Gerber, said in a statement, “Our hearts and full support go out to our communities, customers and associates that are being impacted by Hurricane Harvey.”


Soon after Hurricane Harvey touched down in Houston and wreaked havoc on the nation’s fourth largest city, one brewery in Cartersville, Georgia, switched from Bud Light to water just in the knick of time. Thanks to their quick thinking and a partnership with the American Red Cross, the Anheuser-Busch company distributed more than 155,000 cans of water throughout the hurricane-damaged areas of Louisiana and Texas this week. Though this wouldn’t be the first time the beer monolith helped out with hydration needs in the wake of disaster. According to Inverse, Anheuser-Busch has pumped out and donated at least 76 million cans of drinking water since 1988.

Bass Pro Shops

You’ve likely heard of the surplus of winter coats heading toward Houston relief shelters, and while well intentioned, not all donations are particularly useful. That’s where Bass Pro Shops comes in, donating roughly 100 much-needed boats to rescue operations in the most flooded areas. The company has also donated mounds of beef jerky and peanuts—AKA those checkout line snacks we gravitate toward the most.